Last weekend I ventured to the Volunteer State to attend a workshop at the University of Tennessee as part of a postgraduate certification program I am enrolled in. I’ve been to Tennessee before, spending the night in Murfreesboro on my way back from a service trip. This, however, was my first time in Knoxville.

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Throwback Thursday – Day Trip to Maine

Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to live in New England. Being a fan of experiencing four seasons (especially fall!), I’ve always been interested in experiencing those changes surrounded by mountains, yet so close to the coast. I was particularly interested in the state of Maine. When I moved to Massachusetts for my AmeriCorps term, I was motivated to visit the Pine Tree State.

On this Throwback Thursday, I’ll be discussing a day trip to Portland to explore their beer scene.

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New Blog

Hey, all! I’ve created a new blog on here (because I am sooo good with keeping up with this one, I know).

My new blog, Dawn Learns Things, will follow my process of learning different things that I have wanted to learn over the years, but never followed through on (now that sounds more like me). I will discuss the postgraduate program I am in as well.

This isn’t based on any new year’s resolutions or a “new year, new me” mentality. There are just things that I want to do and I want to hold myself accountable and make sure that I actually do them.

Upcoming Trip…

I haven’t done any traveling since September, besides the occasional trips to New Jersey to visit Kevin. Between my jobs (yes, jobs), a certification program, and applying for a full time position, I haven’t had too much free time. And the free time that I do have, I’ve been catching up on television and reading, so I really haven’t had anything to post.

Now, I am preparing for a trip coming up in March. First, some back story….

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What is Untappd? All about Drinking Socially.

I mentioned Untappd quite a bit on my last post. I explained it briefly, but thought I would dedicate a post to explaining it more in depth.


My Untappd check in of Mamajuana Brown Ale at Revelation Craft Brewing. I earned 6 badges on this check in.

Untappd allows you to track different beers using their app. It keeps track of the total number of beers you’ve tried, as well as the number of unique beers. You check in a beer, which then allows you to rate it, chose the serving style, tag friends, pick a location, or chose the purchase location. You can also select from flavor profile tags or add your own comments. Of course, no post is complete without a photograph memorializing the moment of tasting a new beer.

You can also earn badges on the app. I think collecting badges makes it more fun and gets you to try  different style beers. You can even earn badges on things like taking pictures of your beers and selecting so many serving styles. For example, I earned a badge called, “Taster, Please” because I checked in 5 beers with the serving style of a taster. I have since upgraded to level 6 of the badge for having 30 check ins with the taster serving style. Many badges allow you to level up and continue earning.

You can also follow your friends on Untappd to see the types of beer they have tried. I currently only have four friends on Untappd, but I don’t know many people who use the app.


My Taster, Please badge!

If you already use the app or join after reading this post, comment with your username! My username is dawndimaria. You can also create and join groups, find events, and see what users near you are saying about the beers they try.

Untappd is great for seasoned beer connoisseurs or those who just like to drink every once in a while with friends and compare beers. I enjoy using the app on my travels to breweries in different states. Do you already use Untappd? What do you think of the app?

About my Hiatus….

I haven’t written here in almost a year, but with good reason. From August of last year to this past June, I was serving with AmeriCorps in Massachusetts, as well as injured myself and had to have knee surgery again. I had many adventures throughout this past year and would like to document them. Those stories will be coming your way soon!


Long Absence

I realize I have not posted for quite a long time. Life has been busy filled with school, graduation, studying for my social work license (I passed! First try!), work, and moving. I will try to update more and actually commit time to doing this. In July, I took a trip to the Finger Lakes and plan on discussing that in my next post! I have also moved from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts to serve with AmeriCorps and will talk about that as well. I also suffered an injury recently; a reoccurring knee injury snuck up on me again, so adventuring will not be taking place as much as I’d like. Until next time – I promise!